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Justin Flowers

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Hi there! I'm Justin Flowers, a software developer hailing from Toronto, Ontario. My work is mainly around automation, deployment, testing, and continuous integration. I love Java, Jenkins, Ansible, SRE, and Linux.

My interests outside development are photography, travel, my dog, and slow cooking.


Automating Performance Testing

Successfully automated performance tests at a large CRM company. Automated controls of an 8 machine cluster, bringing up services, clearing caches and existing artifacts, running tests, and collecting and analyzing results. Used Jenkins, Ansible, and various other technologies.

Fault Injection Framework

Designed and developed a modular framework for injecting faults across diverse clusters. Utilized a agent/master or server/client framework which allowed for faults to be triggered on remote machines via conditions or loops. Provided controls for what would happen in a test suite via JSON configurat...

Automated Load Test Result Analysis

Fully automated various types of analysis for the performance team at a large CRM company, including long running query analysis, error aggregation, complete visualizations for results through ELK stack, automated Excel file generation for results, and aggregation of analysis into a general summary...

Work Experience

Software Developer - NexJ Systems (May 2016 - present)

Aids the performance, scalability, and reliability team by developing tools for centralizing metrics, methods of measuring and displaying tested metrics, and automating build, deployment, and testing processes of Java enterprise web application servers.

DevOps Research Assistant - Centre for Development of Open Technology (May 2015 - April 2016)

Worked in automation, continuous integration, backend programming, and system administration. Researched modern and well known open source solutions for companies in these areas. Specifically, aided in designing, implementing, and testing a fault injection framework written in Java for a larger CRM company. Additionally helped implement a log centralization system based on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

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